Tim Tracker Net Worth – YouTube Earnings, Wife, Real name 2021

Tim Tracker Net Worth
Tim Tracker Net Worth

Tim tracker net worth

Born in Florida, USA, Tim Tracker, is a famous YouTuber who was born on 1 March 1982. He owns the popular YouTube channel “TheTimTracker.” The estimates of March 2021 say that Tim Tracker net worth is around $3.50 million. On his channel, he mostly uploads videos of everyday life.

Let us go deep into the topic.

Real nameTim tracker
YouTube channelTheTimTracker
No. of subscribers835K
Net Worth$3.50 million
PlaceFlorida USA

With the two YоuTubе сhаnnеlѕ, Tіm Trасkеr has made a huge presence with his vlоgs. By now, the famous YouTuber has gained around 835K subscribers.

Tim Tracker
Tim Tracker

Tim Tracker relationship

Tim Tracker girlfriend revelations suggest that Tim and Jenn Tracker had moved in together before they actually started dating. YouTube. Tim Tracker wife Jenn Tracker was previously his roommate. The couple started romantic relationship after college. Over the years, they have been sharing daily adventures with a massive audience on their YouTube channel, TheTimTracker, for a decade.

Tim Tracker earning from YouTube

Majority of the YouTubers these days are updating their video types and increasing the value of already existing YouTuber’s net worth. The channel, TheTimTracker, has over 835K subscribers, which has reached the peak point of success. It has got over 390 million views so far. That said, even the average of 250,000 views per leads to the estimated revenue of $1,250 a day. The amount is $450,000 a year solely from YouTube. The ads appearing on the videos give the income.

The general rule states that the YouTubers get $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized views. YouTube shows the monetized views ranging from 40% – 80% of the total views. However, the amount is dependent on the location of the viewer, as well as the ad inventory. 

His YouTube generates extra from YouTube Red viewers who consider the monthly fee for viewing the premium content.

Tim Tracker yearly and monthly income

TheTimTracker earning shows an average of $1250 per day. That said, the Tim Tracker yearly earning is $450,000.

His channel receives 200K+ views with all the videos. This estimate makes it clear the daily income of $1100-$1250. That said, TheTimTracker earns $450,000 a year from all the advertisements.

Tim Tracker monthly earning is approximately $ 4K which shows how successful he has been in his career.

Other source of income

Basically, Tim Tracker is active on YouTube. But, he has also marked his popularity on several popular social media platforms. His Twitter account shows nearly 100,000 followers that have been a result of the tweets over 78,000 times. Nearly 190,000 people follow his Instagram too. His Facebook page shows 72,000 followers.

It is clear that the famous YouTuber makes a handsome amount with his amazing social media presence.

Besides that, his merchandise is popular. His fast-selling merchandise is leading to a rise in income. His wife, Jenn Tracker too earns for the family. That said, the couple earns a lot from advertisements on YouTube channels. By now, all the YouTube channels have got more than 375 million views. This amount generates $800,000 in revenue.

Final words

TheTimTracker is receiving more earnings. Besides, we are working more on finding updates about income. We always keep on updating new information on Tim Tracker net worth, income, salary, and earnings. In case we find out that we have missed out on any information, we will update it soon. Stay tuned with us to get more updates about the famous upcoming YouTubers.


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