Technoblade Net Worth (2023) – Earnings, Real Face, Death

Technoblade Net Worth
Technoblade Net Worth

Technoblade net worth

Technoblade was the famous American Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer. According to the 2023 estimates the Technoblade net worth is approximately $7 million.

Let’s go in depth to learn more facts regarding the YouTuber including the age, salary, career and further details.

Real NameAlexander
Technoblade Net Worth$7 Million
Birth DateJune 1st 1999
Date of deathJune 2022
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
Place of deathCalifornia, United States
Technoblade Height5 Feet 8 Inches
Technoblade Age23
OccupationFamous YouTuber, Twitch Streamers, Social Media Star
AddressSan Francisco, California, United States
Source of WealthOnline content creation, sponsorships, merchandise

Technoblade earnings, salary, income

Technoblade monthly earnings were around $80K. That said, the Technoblade yearly earnings were around $960K.

People keep wondering:

How much does Technoblade earn?

A channel monetized through ads earns money for every thousand video views. Monetized YouTube channels may earn $3 to $7 per every one thousand video views.

Marketing their own products, accepting sponsorships, or generating revenue through affiliate commissions also add up to the income.

The majority of his income was as a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. The top earning gaming YouTuber and streamer was also well known for the Minecraft gaming content that he has been playing on the Minecraft server Hypixel. Besides, from sponsorships and brand deals, he had been earning a good income.

Program known as Google Preferred where deep-pocketed companies can target ads on the top 5% most popular content. The ad rates here are higher than normal.

Apart from ads, YouTubers also generate extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus watch videos without ads. Here they get paid based on watch time on their videos. The longer the viewers watch their videos, the more money they earn.

How much are Technoblade’s total earnings?

Technoblade streamed exclusively on YouTube. In addition to that, he receives a significant amount of donations and also made a hefty sum from the ad revenue. Also has a Youtooz figure based on his Minecraft character.

Technoblade’s earnings were basically from the streams only on YouTube. The YouTuber made an additional amount from donations given to him by his viewers when he is live streaming and from channel memberships. Technoblade also had a figurine of his Minecraft character released on the Youtooz website and has also won many Minecraft tournaments.

Technoblade made an additional amount from various other avenues, including his participation in Minecraft tournaments and competitions.

Other endeavors and Sponsorship Deals

Technoblade, a very well-known Minecraft content creator, had frequently been seen on the Dream SMP server and has also participated in many recognized Minecraft competitions, including Minecraft Championships as well as the Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games. Participation in Minecraft-related competitions, in total, had helped him win around $120k.

Technoblade also participated in a $100k Minecraft duel by Mr. Beast and won the duel. He was slated to win the entire $100k prize pool but had an agreement with Dream beforehand that they would split the prize money no matter who won the duel.

Technoblade participated in several Minecraft Mondays as a series of competitions held by drama YouTuber Keemstar. From those competitions, he had won around $20k in prize money in total.

Technoblade owned the official Youtooz figurine that was released through their website, from which he would earn royalties.

Twitch Streams

Technoblade did not make money on Twitch as he does not actively use the platform.

Technoblade girlfriend

Technoblade girlfriend
Technoblade girlfriend

The Technoblade dating revelations mention that he didn’t talk much about his relationship. Besides, he would love to open up regarding his girlfriend later on. There is no information regarding Technoblade wife or love life available with us till now.


  • Channel name: Technoblade
  • Joined on: 29th October 2013
  • Number of subscribers: 16M+

Technoblade Cause of death

YouTube Minecraft player Technoblade — now also known as Alex — died from cancer. One of the most popular Minecraft players on YouTube, known as “Technoblade,” Alex, died after a battle with cancer. In a farewell message, he finally divulged his first name: Alex.


Technoblade, one of the biggest and most popular Minecraft content creators, had earned recognition on YouTube. Weekly he earned around 6-10 million views; despite uploading only once or twice a month. The YouTube star had won several Minecraft tournaments, including a 1v1 duel against Dream, in a competition held by Mr. Beast.

His real name is Alex and has the hashtag #Kickdave. Over the years he has been trending on twitter and had also received death threats for the racial tweets on George Floyd.

Technoblade, an extremely popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer, had not used his Twitch account at all. The well known YouTube star had gained a massive, dedicated following despite not using a face cam. The YouTube star also uploaded a picture of his elbow as a joke once.

Technoblade early life and career

Before gaming, the massive following, and success on YouTube and Twitch, Technoblade lived in California. The immensely popular gamer and YouTuber had also been attending high school. After his graduation, Dave moved to Chicago, Illinois. However, he had to drop out and then went back to San Francisco, California.

Though Technoblade had caught up with some controversies regarding his special tweets, but the fans came to his rescue, and one had also written that “anyone trying to trend #Kickdave just…why”.

YouTube career

Technoblade started his YouTube channel back in 2013, on the 28th of October, and is most active on his YouTube channel. He witnessed The growth of his YouTube channel in 2019.

He started with YouTube, known as Techno or TechnoThePig. All his content is video-centered to Minecraft. Besides, the streamer also streamed on YouTube and Twitch. Such progress as well as the massive Technoblade net worth has listed him in the category of the top YouTuber’s net worth. Besides, Technoblade had also been rated as the best Minecraft player and is well known for his tactics and strategies in the game. He plays on dream SMP, mc championship, SMP earth, Minecraft Mondays, and Minecraft server Hypixel.

Technoblade, the top earning YouTuber and gamer was well known for his skills in player vs. player environment. Besides, he had also been a part of Sleepyboisinc. Technoblade had been quite entertaining among the fans with the friendly rivalry with Dream, the fellow Minecraft YouTuber. Besides that, Alex had a dark sense of humor and a sarcastic personality.

Some people have also referred to him as a mixture of laid-back, cocky and egotistical personalities. When it comes to the Minecraft Monday tournament, revelations suggest that he had won four times. Besides, he had also earned the rank on Hypixel. Earlier, there was also a video of the cooking and the green screen content.

In that, the high paid YouTuber and gamer had presented regarding the YouTube awards that he has won so far. On September 27, 2013, the confirmation was that Hypixel post by Dave tweeting about having ADHD and calling minions slaves. Before his career in Minecraft, Dave had also created the channel Studiolore. Then, he had gone with uploading Fortnite videos and Roblox sword fight videos.

At the time, he was 13 years old. Later on, he made his career in Minecraft, thus taking his achievement to the next level. In the MC championships, Dave had secured the first position and had won the Dodgebolt.  Besides, in the MC championships 9, he got placed second during the MCultimate season 2. Dave had also made a donation of about $11600 to the miracle foundation.

Twitch career

Technoblade created a Twitch channel on the 11th of August in 2012 but did not use it as he only streams on YouTube. Despite not using the channel at all, he still had just over 181k followers on it at the moment.

Which platform does Technoblade stream?

Technoblade, unlike the majority of content creators, streamed exclusively on his YouTube channel and does not stream or post very often but has managed to grow a sizable, dedicated following. In addition to that, he owned a Twitter account where he occasionally tweets and posts link to new YouTube videos.

Technoblade contact details

Fans are repeatedly searching for the Technoblade phone number as a way to connect with the YouTuber speedily. We will suggest you check out the Technoblade contact details and get connected with him easily.

Fact check

Here have a look at some facts associated with Dave.

  • Technoblade had won the event with shotgun raids and had received $5000 as payment. Besides, it gave him the prestigious rank.
  • Technoblade is quite active on the Instagram platform, drawing plenty of followers.
  • In week 13, he had teamed with Wilbur soot.
  • Recently, he had also participated in an MC championship event.


What disease does Technoblade have?

Popular Minecraft content creator and streamer Technoblade has been diagnosed with Cancer.

What is Technoblades height?

Technoblade Height is 5 feet 8 inches.

Are Technoblades parents divorced?

Technoblade said in one of his Q&A videos from 2016 that his parents were divorced. Technoblade lived with his father.

What is Technoblades texture pack?

Technoblade was known to use a slightly modified version of the Tightvault Revamp pack made by “Tight.” PvP focused pack comes with low fire effects, FPS optimization, and custom armor & swords.

Is there official Technoblade merch?

Technoblade owned official merch, but they come in drops and sell relatively fast. Technoblade collaborated with Youtooz for his official merch. Technoblade merch included plushies, figures, and bags.

What are Technoblades settings?

Technoblade’s video settings suggest that the Graphics is Fast. Dynamic Lights is Fancy. Render Distance is 8 chunks. Max Framerate is 200 frames per second. View Bobbing is Off.

What is Technoblades religion?

Born on 01 June 1999, Technoblade’s age was 23 years. He belongs to a Christian family from California, United States.

What is Technoblades favorite color?

Technoblades His favorite color is blue, and his favorite Pokémon is Beldum.

How do you get Technoblade skin?

All the players need to do is download the link for technoblade new skin and install it.

What color is Technoblades eyes?

Technoblade Eye Color was Brown.

How old is Technoblade now?

Technoblade Age is 23 years (1 June 1999).

Is Technoblade a kid?

Technoblade, born on June 1, 1999, was 23 years old when he died.

What is Technoblade texture pack?

Techoblade uses a Tightvault Revamp texture pack and previously used a wide variety of packs like WarV2 or TimeDeo’s 2K pack. The texture pack has been created with PvP (Player vs Player) mode.

What is Technoblade merch?

Technoblade Official website Technoblade offers authentic and brand approved merchandise and products.

What does Technoblade mean?

A submission from Tennessee, U.S. says the name Technoblade means “A Minecraft player that releases videos on YouTube.”

What cancer does Technoblade have?

Technoblade did not mention what type of cancer he has. However, he had a tumour in his right shoulder and is already getting chemotherapy.

What is Technoblade real name?

Technoblade real name is Alexander.

What does Technoblade stream on?

Technoblade was a Minecraft Youtuber who streams exclusively to his YouTube channel. Also, he was the broadcaster of the Technoblade Twitch channel.

What happened to Technoblade?

Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer and he passed away in June 2022.

When does Technoblade stream?

Technoblade streamed on his main channel and usually around noon his time or when a event is happening.

When did Technoblade get cancer?

Minecraft streamer Technoblade had of being diagnosed with cancer and it all started with a tumor in his right shoulder.

When did Technoblade die?

Popular Minecraft content creator Technoblade had been diagnosed with Cancer. Also, he had marked his absence from the platform since June 22, 2021. There is no information about whether he is dead or alive.

When does Technoblade stream Dream SMP?

Technoblade, also referred to as Techno, was the twenty-third member of the Dream SMP, who joined on September 22, 2020.

Why isn’t Technoblade in Mcc?

Technoblade stated that his absence from the tournament was due to him recovering from a surgery that happened a few days before said tournament, to treat his cancer diagnosis. This is the reason he wasn’t willing to participate.

Why does Technoblade have cancer?

It all started with a tumor in his right shoulder.

Why is Technoblade the best Minecraft player?

Technoblade was good at PvP because he practiced. Also, he bears the natural talent at the game.

How is Technoblade doing?

Minecraft content creator and streamer Technoblade had been diagnosed with Cancer and is gradually undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of his cancer.

Is Technoblade better than Dream?

In general, at Minecraft Dream is better, but when it comes to PvP, Technoblade is the better. Technoblade is better at PvP (both Current version and 1.8) and also good at strategies.

Is Technoblade in Dream SMP?

Technoblade is a major character in the Dream SMP who had joined in the Manberg vs. Pogtopia war as an ally to Pogtopia.

Is Technoblade an amputee?

Technoblade seems to be in good spirits, and he is joking that he told the doctors they could just cut off his arm because he had won enough Minecraft tournaments already.

Final words

Technoblade, had been performing quite well in the gaming and streaming field before his death due to cancer. This is the reason the Technoblade net worth had been increasing. Besides, he was inspiring plenty of gamers around the world. Stay tuned with us to get updated knowledge regarding other YouTubers and Twitch streamers.



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