Martin And Bex Net Worth – Age, Wife, Family, Car, Earnings

Martin And Bex Net Worth
Martin And Bex Net Worth

Martin And Bex Net Worth

Martin And Bex Collection has been aimed at bringing a fresh look to comedy. Their mission is “LIVE LIFE LAUGHING.” Martin And Bex have become quite popular for the netizens, and so people are curious to learn about the Martin And Bex net worth. According to the 2021 estimates, Martin And Bex net worth is around $500000. Learn more about Martin And Bex income, salary, and career. 

Martin And Bex Real nameMartin Clarke, Rebecca Kane
Martin And Bex net worth$500000
Martin Clarke Birthday29/10/1984
Rebecca Kane Birthday02/07/1983
Martin Clarke BirthplaceWigan
Rebecca Kane BirthplaceUxbridge
Martin Clarke age36
Rebecca Kane age38
Martin And Bex
Martin And Bex

Martin And Bex salary, income, earnings

Martin And Bex income updates suggest that Martin And Bex yearly Earnings range between $12,827 and $55,204. That said, the Martin And Bex monthly Earnings are around $10K.

Martin And Bex Wife

Martin And Bex Wife
Martin And Bex Wife

Martin Clarke girlfriend revelations suggest that Martin Clarke had been dating Martin Clarke wife, Rebecca Kane, for a long time. Finally, Rebecca Kane got married to Rebecca Kane husband, Martin Clarke, and has been living a happy life. Martin And Bex relationship updates suggest that they are currently living in Wigan with three children.


  • Channel name: Martin And Bex
  • Joined on: 16th April 2020
  • Number of subscribers: 131K+

Early life and Career

Martin Clarke, born on 29/10/1984 in Wigan, and Rebecca Kane, born on 02/07/1983 in Uxbridge, have been an amazing couple. Martin And Bex continue entertaining fans to teach them how to live life laughing. Besides, they have also been involved in selling products that you can find out from SHOP –

Martin, with 2.3M followers, is a Digital creator from Wigan, United Kingdom. The Martin Clarke email ID is [email protected] Besides, he is also open to contact people through flow. page/martinandbex.

Martin And Bex, a YouTube channel from the United Kingdom, have witnessed the immense growth of traffic.

Rebecca Kane from Martin And Bex had posted on Instagram: “Hilarious Electric Lie Detector Hilarious Questions And Result.” It turned out to go Viral fame online for Wigan pranksters. Several celebrities have acknowledged them for their hilarious antics. With their efforts, the couple has also attracted the attention of the Wigan-born model and reality TV star Tanya Bardsley. Moreover, they also caught the attention of UFC fighter Darren Till and Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell. The amazing way they entertain others has listed Martin And Bex net worth in the top YouTuber’s net worth category.

Martin has also mentioned that the fame started with just messing about on Snapchat. They shared about how people, family, and friends thought that they’re hilarious. Prank videos of Rebecca winding Martin doing day-to-day chores are what has increased their fame. They’ve stated that they love having fun and teaching others how to live such a hilarious life.

Martin, at present, is juggling his job and bringing in social media likes. Rebecca, on the other hand, is on the furlough scheme as The Silverwell pub. There, she works behind the bar.

Final words

Martin And Bex net worth is steeply increasing because the couple is a fun-loving pair who love sharing the ways to live a hilarious life full of fun. Stay tuned to receive further updates regarding how several other pairs on social media spread the world of love, joy, and enjoyment to make their fans happy.


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