Lisa Loeb Net Worth (2024) – Age, Husband, Divorce, Earnings

Lisa Loeb Net Worth
Lisa Loeb Net Worth

Lisa Loeb net worth

According to the 2024 estimate the Lisa Loeb net worth is around $12 million. Explore the most recent updates regarding Lisa Loeb earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures, career, and other details.

Lisa Loeb has been more than just a pop singer. Millennials have always known her for the 1994 hit “Stay, I miss you.” She has been familiar with pop singing from a very early age.

Besides being a pop artist, she has also been a 90s actress.

Lisa Loeb real nameLisa Anne Loeb
Lisa Loeb net worth$12 million
Birthdate11th March, 1968
BirthplaceBethesda, Maryland, USA
Lisa Loeb age55
Height5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
OccupationMusician, Singer, actor, songwriter, philanthropist, entrepreneur

Singer-songwriter, actor, and philanthropist had the hit single that made her all way on top of the charts, and so people have a love for her even today. The song that featured in the movie Reality Bites starring Winona Rider has been quite popular.

Lisa Loeb had won the Grammy for best children’s album. This was for the album Feel What You Feel. She had also composed plenty of the songs for the popular children’s series If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Later on, she had released her music.

Lisa Loeb
Lisa Loeb

Salary, income, earnings

Lisa Loeb income statistics suggest that the Lisa Loeb monthly earnings are around $4K and the Lisa Loeb yearly earnings are around $48K.

Besides her musical journey and her profession as a musician, she also has other earnings. She makes several dollars from other sources like being a blogger.

Lisa Loeb has always contributed to several prestigious magazines. On top of that, she has also been a contributor to the Carrie Portillo Vrenna book Cherry Bomb. Her eyewear collection that was launched back in 2010 has also been a reason behind her fame and the money.

She had been the inspiration behind the sixties and seventies eyewear styles. She has also got the YouTube channel, and the Lisa Loeb YouTube earnings are within $250 and $4.1K, while yearly revenue is between $3.1K and $49.4K.

The entrepreneur Lisa Loeb sells a brand of coffee titled ‘Wake Up! Brew’. Organic and fair trade products raise a lot of money, and all profit goes to her charity, Camp Lisa.

Sources of Income

The well paid Musician, Singer- songwriter and entrepreneur earns from varied sources as follows:

Career as a Musician and Singer-songwriter

The well known musical star, mainly earns from her career as a singer-songwriter that earns her around $2K a month.

Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships 

Lisa Loeb promotes his own products, accepts sponsorships, or generates revenue with affiliate commissions. From brand endorsements and sponsorships, he earns around $1K a month. 

Eyewear collection

Lisa Loeb had also launched the eyewear collection in 2009 that made sense. The iconic cat eyeglasses frames had earned her huge recognition. Music is where is always had made the majority of the money. However, popularity had started as a philanthropist and had many projects in her hand. All of such projects had extended beyond music. From the eyewear collection sales, she earns around $37908 per year.

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The Musician, Singer, actor, songwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur owns a luxurious house in Dallas as well as maryland. 

Car collection

The actor, songwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur owns expensive cars, including a Lexus GS 350 as well as a Volvo 740.

Lisa Loeb husband

Lisa Loeb husband
Lisa Loeb husband

One of the popular questions much searched by netizens is who is Lisa Loeb dating? Lisa Loeb dating history shows that Lisa dated Dweezil Zappa from 1998 to 2004.  Lisa Loeb boyfriend revelations suggest she had married Roey Hershkovitz, and they had two children with them. Daughter Lyla Rose Loeb Hershkovitz and a son named Emet Kuli Loeb Hershkovitz make them a happy family. Lisa Loeb husband, Roey, and she are living a beautiful life.

From 1998 to 2004, Lisa was in a relationship with Dweezil Zappa, and the pair starred in the 2004 Food Network reality series “Dweezil & Lisa.”

In 2006, Lisa met Roey Hershkovitz at a business meeting while she was on the lookout for a host for a food television show he was developing. That was when the pair married on January 31, January 31, 2009.



American singer-songwriter and actress Lisa Anne Loeb has earned her net worth through her musical career as one half of the duo Liz and Lisa, which later became a band, with the Jazz/Rock bassist Rick Lassiter and TV and film composer/drummer Chad Fisher. Besides performing with her band, Lisa Loeb also had many solo performances and began to gain popularity with her song “Stay (I Missed You), which was used in the ending credits of the film, Reality Bites.

Lisa Loeb, the high paid singer-songwriter, musician, actress, author, and producer, is best known for the hit single “Stay (I Missed You),” featured in the 1994 film “Reality Bites.” The song reached #1 on the “Billboard” Hot 100 chart and earned Lisa a Grammy nomination.

Early Life

Lisa Loeb born as Lisa Anne Loeb on March 11, 1968, in Bethesda, Maryland grew up in a Jewish household in Dallas, Texas, with her mother, Gail, father, Peter, and younger sister, Debbie.

Gail served as president of the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation. Peter was a gastroenterologist, and Debbie a songwriter.

Lisa studied piano during her childhood but decided to play guitar instead. Lisa Loeb education details highlight that she attended an all-girls private school called The Hockaday School, and she hosted a radio show on 88.5 KRSM-FM, licensed to the all-boys school St. Marks School of Texas. After graduation, Loeb enrolled at Brown University, earning a comparative literature degree in 1990.

Highlight on her career

Lisa Loeb attended Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Lisa Loeb has been a sensation when it came to the musical journey. The versatile personality has a long career life. So, we are breaking it down into sections.

When all the 90 pop stars were making the headlines for the relationship drama, Lisa Loeb was the one who was focusing on her career.

Musical journey

In 1990, Lisa Loeb formed a full band called Nine Stories. Book by J.D. Salinger has been the inspiration behind the name of that band. The band included Tim Bright on guitar, Joe Quigley on bass, and Jonathan Feinberg on drums.

Working with producer Juan Patiño to make Purple Tape in 1992 has been a part of her musical journey. The earliest recordings of later popular tracks “Do You Sleep?”, “Snow Day,” “Train Songs,” and “It’s Over” are quite famous.

Violet-colored cassette became too popular.

The career of Lisa Loeb started as a part of the duo Liz and Lisa. She had also shown her incredible excellence in solo performances.

Besides her musical career, Lisa Loeb has also earned recognition with that Jazz/rock background. She has been a TV and film composer and drummer. The performance with her band has also gained her popularity. She has accumulated a lot of net worth due to the recording of single and album hits and has worked in many films. Such an amazing career had listed her in top Celebrity’s net worth.

The studio albums from Lisa Loeb include two back-to-back albums that were certified gold. There were Grammy-nominated Firecracker and Tails.

As Loeb spent many summers of her childhood at summer camp, Camp Lisa is inspired by her camp memories as well as 1970s-style rock and pop. Camp Lisa garnered National Parenting Publications Awards Honors, 2008 Parents’ Choice, and NPR’s year-end Top 10 list of the best kids music for 2008. In July 2010, she debuted her children’s musical Camp Kappawanna, which is based on the songs from Camp Lisa.

The tribute album Bat Head Soup marked the appearance of Loeb Ozzy Osbourne in 2000. She was performing “Goodbye to Romance” with Dweezil Zappa. Contribution to An All-Star Tribute To Cher with “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves,” An All Star Tribute To Shania Twain “Don’t Be Stupid,” has shown her talents. These albums had released in 2005.

Loeb’s guest performance on “Anti-Hero” vocals to New Found Glory’s cover of “Stay” has been some of the other projects.

The active performances have been the reason behind the success and her name in the top Celebrity’s net worth list.

Voice over

The appearances in the movie and the voice-over made her quite popular. The voice of Lisa Loeb was heard in the animated films giving her huge recognition. The songwriting journey in her life was very impactful. The Dallas native had also got huge recognition when it came to the children’s music. The release of the three consecutive albums with a focus on children is a part of her impressive work.

The voice of Mary Jane Watson for the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, broadcast on MTV, earned her fame.

The voice for characters for The Rugrats Movie and Shorty mcshorts’ Shorts has been impressive. 2012 estimates suggest that Loeb provided the voice of Princess Winger on the Disney Junior Jake and the Never Land Pirates series.

Appearances in films

Lisa Loeb has also got appearances with several themes TV shows and voice-over work. The luxurious life and career in the entertainment industry have been the reason behind her recognition. She has always presented herself as a versatile entertainment personality.

Some famous movies are House On Haunted Hill, Serial Killing 4 Dummys (1999), Fright Night (2011), and Serial Killing 101. Besides all this, she has also shown her appearances on television Sitcom reality shows. The video game Grandia Xtreme has her voice.

The life of a Philanthropist

She had also started working with the Camp Lisa Foundation. The organization is completely focused and giving the undeserved children the experience in the summer camp. Lisa Loeb, the Grammy-award-winning singer, loves helping the people in need.

Non-profit, The Camp Lisa Foundation, founded in 2008, is a partner with Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education, Inc. (SCOPE). The mission is to help underprivileged kids attend summer camp.

Funding for many camp scholarships and enabling impoverished kids to attend summer camps has been a part of her philanthropic journey.


The Lisa Loeb Trivia information is as follows:

•            Lisa Loeb has been living a happy life married to Roey Hershkovitz since 2009.

•            She is the cousin of the NYC-based drag queen, Alexis Michelle.

•            Lisa Loeb had started playing the piano as a child and later switched to guitar.

•            Lisa Loeb is the elder sister of another singer and actress, Debbie Loeb.

•            She also had the radio show on St. Marks School’s FM station, 88.5 KRSM.

•            In the mid-1980s, At Brown, Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell developed the band named Liz and Lisa, with classmate Duncan Sheik as a guitarist. The albums Liz and Lisa (1989) and Liz and Lisa – Days Were Different (1990) have been famous.


Was Lisa Loeb in Fuller House?

Following her Grammy-winning children’s album, Lisa Loeb guest performs on Fuller House, and her visit to D.J.’s vet clinic became incredibly helpful for Steph’s career.

Is Lisa Loeb broke?

Loeb has made the majority of her money in music. Lisa Loeb net worth and popularity began to increase as the philanthropist taking on various projects that extended beyond music.

How many hits did Lisa Loeb have?

Detailed discography for American rock music singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb includes work as Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories. Lisa Loeb has released 15 studio albums, 1 compilation album, and 2 EPs.

How old is singer Lisa Loeb?

Lisa Loeb age is 55 years (11 March 1968).

Is Lisa Loeb still married?

Lisa Loeb is still married to Roey Hershkovitz.

Is Lisa Loeb a real person?

Lisa Loeb (born March 11, 1968, based in Dallas, Texas, U.S.) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and actress.

What is Lisa Loeb doing these days?

The singer’s success these days comes from streaming services like Amazon hosting children’s records; Lisa Loeb still makes music for her more mature fans. ‘real’ music makes her immensely famous and rich.

Who is Lisa Loeb?

Lisa Loeb has risen to fame as an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and actress.

Was Lisa Loeb a one hit wonder?

Contrary to popular belief, Lisa Loeb isn’t a One-Hit Wonder. Lisa Loeb had a Top 20 hit in 1995 with “Do You Sleep.” Two years later, Lisa Loeb “I Do” reached Number 17. Lisa Loeb’s career hit a slump after that.

Who is Lisa Loeb’s father?

Peter Loeb is Lisa Loeb’s father.

Final words

Lisa Loeb has gathered all the fame with her rising musical career. Business ventures have also been the reason behind Lisa Loeb net worth.  A luxurious lifestyle and give away to the needy ones has been an important part of her life. Stay tuned with MoneyProMax to get further updates about the lives of celebs.


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