Just Sam Net Worth (2021) – Earning, Income, Boyfriend

Just Sam Net Worth
Just Sam Net Worth

Just Sam net worth

Just Sam is a singer and songwriter from America. She belongs to the New York City and had been the former subway singer. She had won the heart of millions. The Just Sam net worth according to the 2021 estimates is around $1.5million.

Real nameSamantha Diaz
Just Sam net worth$1.5million
Date of birthNovember 23, 1998
Place of birthHarlem, New York, United States
years active2019 to present
Just Sam
Just Sam

Early life

Just Sam was born in New York City on November 23rd, 1998. She is a prominent figure from the Harlem neighborhood of Northern Manhattan. The Foster care system had brought her up because her mother had spent time in jail and was unable to care for her. Just Sam had started with her singing career in the 7th grade. Later on, she developed enough confidence for singing alongside her friend Tiffany. Unfortunately, Just Sam mother stayed mostly behind the bars and the updates about Just Sam father isn’t available. Just Sam mother was in and out of jail, so she and the Just Sam sister, Anabelle, spent time in foster care. Finally, their grandmother Elizabeth adopted them when Just Sam was 6.

Just Sam proved to be the first Latina and Liberian who could win American Idol. The previous American Idol winners had also received cash prices of around $250000.

Just Sam earnings, income, and highlight on salary

The Just Sam earnings are primarily as her singing career. She has a funnel or from the brand endorsement. She loves doing charity work currency. She has also got linked with the charity organization. The earnings from her endorsement are approximately between $500 to $600. Besides, the Just Sam annual earnings are somewhat around $20K. The Just Sam monthly earnings are around $1K to $1.5K.

Just Sam boyfriend and relationship

According to the 2020 estimate, Just Sam is single and focused on her career. In a documentary, she has made a Revelation about her sexuality. She likes the idea of being mistaken for a boy, but she has also made clear that she is not a lesbian. She has mentioned that she is straight.

Just Sam family and education

Sam was born and raised in Harlem, New York, United States. She is of the nationality American and belongs to the fight mixed ethnicity. She has had got a tough upbringing and had to spend her years in foster care right from the age of 6. She was also a part of the short documentary called Sam Underground. On that documentary, she made an explanation that she had got bullied in the High School.

She proved to be the first-ever at-home American Idol winner. She has currently signed to Hollywood records are the industrial media’s 19 recordings. She started with her debut single “Rise Up,” which is the cover of Andra day’s 2015 song. It bears the same name as the one running on the show. Sam has also appeared on the television programs like good morning America. She had proved herself an eminent musical guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan on May 18th, 2020. Her incredible performances have been the reason behind getting listed in the list of the top celebrity’s net worth.


Just Sam had performed outside the Mother’s job. She did this before showing after talent to the NYC subways. In September 2018, Sam had made the acting debut in the documentary short Sam underground. Joe Penney and Ladan Osman had co-written and Co-directed the series. It runs for around 10 minutes and has got around 400k + views on YouTube. The film shows Samantha’s journey in the form of a talented and charismatic singer.

This is something that made her around $100. Some people have stated that her name means the blend of the words girl and boy. Previously she was bullied because of their appearance and sense of Style. But her nickname Just Sam came up when she was in High School. Before that, she had started in the form of the American Idol. Just Sam had tried out for the other competitions.

She turned out to be auditioned successfully for America’s Got Talent as well as The Voice in the 18th season. The American Idol also ran from February 16th to May 17th, 2020. Ryan Seacrest had hosted it. Just Sam also went on by showing her incredible performance in the American Idol audition. Her performance in the Rise Up made the judges give the green light process during the Hollywood round. She had also sung The Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie.

The performance of the duet of Shawn Mendes Mercy alongside the contestant Sheniel Maisonet proved her amazing performance. For the Grand Finale, Just Sam had also performed Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” as well as the aforementioned “Rise Up.”

Later on, on May 17, 2020, right after the voting, Just Sam was also found as the winner of Season 18 of the American Idol. The format for the 18th American Idol also got altered due to the coronavirus pandemic. The contestants had also gone with the performance remotely from the homes in order to follow the stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines.

Just Sam facts

Here’s a highlight of some well-known facts.

  • Just Sam sang the Como La Flor during the Huawei row completely in Spanish.
  • She has proved to be a religious lady.
  • Besides, she had also won the public vote by the host, Ryan. She had stayed connected with the call to her grandmother.
  • She had relocated from New York for the life stages of the singing contest.
  • Previously she had also broken down into tears while auditioning for the show in Washington DC.
  • Just Sam had faced stiff competition from Arthur Gunn.
  • After winning the 2020 American Idol, she earned$125,000 as prize money. Besides, she had also won the additional$125,000 contract for the album. 


What is Just Sam doing now?

Recent updates mention that Just Sam had performed Rise Up by Andra Day as final performance on American Idol. Also, the singer received the most votes to become the first at-home winner of American Idol. Also some recent revelations mention that Season 18 winner Just Sam has been already dropped by Hollywood Records and is no longer on the Hollywood Records artist roster.

Where is Just Sam new house?

Just Sam new house updates isn’t available yet.

Just Sam where is she now?

Just Sam new house updates isn’t available yet.

What happened to Just Sam?

Some recent revelations mention that Season 18 winner Just Sam has been already dropped by Hollywood Records and is no longer on the Hollywood Records artist roster.

Did Just Sam get a record deal?

Just Sam, crowned the champion the title of American Idol while also getting a record deal. Also, she has developed the relationship with the three American Idol judges including Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

What is Just Sam net worth?

Just Sam net worth is $1.5million.

How old is Just Sam?

Just Sam age is 22 years.

Final words

Over the years, Just Sam has shown her incredible performances. This has been the reason behind the immense Just Sam net worth. Stay tuned with us to get updates regarding similar artists. 


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