What happened with LimitlessEXP? – Why did he leave YouTube?

Limitless Exp

Limitless Exp net worth

Vincent Valentine, aka Limitless Exp, is popular for being once a prominent YouTube figure who presented real prank videos.

Our team’s estimates for 2024 reveal that Limitless Exp net worth is around $900K. However, he no longer creates videos. Yet, we will list information regarding his past earnings and other details.

Real nameVincent Valentine
Net Worth$900K
BirthdayApril 9, 1987
BirthplaceSaint Paul Minnesota, United States

Financial aspects – sources of income

YouTube was one of the significant contributors to the income. Each of the earning sources boosts Limitless Exp’s overall wealth.

Limitless Exp monthly earnings were around $15K to $20K. That said, Limitless Exp yearly earnings werewere around $180K to $240K.

Sources of Income

Limitless Exp earns from various sources, and one of the major sources was his YouTube channels, which earned him loads of money for his prank videos.

YouTube Advertising Revenue he earned was around $5000 – $7000 per month, while YouTube Sponsorship Revenue was around $500 – $1000 per sponsorship. From Instagram Sponsorship he earned $100 – $500 per sponsorship. Product sales via limitlessexp.myspreadshop.com, in addition to Sponsorships and collaborations, yielded Vincent Valentine $1500 – $3000 per month. Streaming platforms like soundcloud.com, deezer.com, music.apple.com, and Spotify.com yielded him $1500 – $3000 per month.

Records of Possessions and Investments

The YouTuber owns a house in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. We are trying to trace the other locations where he might own properties.

To advance his career, the YouTuber invested around $5000 – $10000 a year in new equipment and software.

Now, let’s jump to the most important topic.

What happened with LimitlessEXP? – Why did he leave YouTube?

On Aug 22, 2017, he posted a video: Why I Stopped Making Youtube Videos.

The facts point out that LimitlessEXP actually made real videos, but fake pranksters ruined the whole genre. One of the best authentic pranksters, LimitlessEXP, made his pranks authentic during a time when everybody only relied on making fake pranks.

In the video, LimitlessEXP explained that he wanted time for himself to travel and spend time with his family.

Some people have even mentioned that Vincent got tired of making the same old videos over and over and had even experienced real, same-old backlash and negative criticism. Consequently, he lost the passion and excitement of doing something new. Also, at a point, he had his financial needs met.

Personal life

Limitless Exp, whose real name is Vincent Valentine was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, when he grew up with his younger sister.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. But we are still trying to find out who he is dating in his real life. He chooses to keep his personal life completely secret.


  • Channel name – Limitless Exp
  • Joined on – 28 Apr 2014
  • Number of subscriber – 1.03M+


How much did Limitless exp earn from YouTube?

From YouTube alone, Limitless Exp earned around $6500 – $10000 a month in the past before he gave up on creating YouTube videos.

What is more important to be aware of – net worth or income?

Income is definitely the biggest wealth-building tool, yet it serves as a part of the financial picture. Income serves as the way an individual makes money, but net worth refers to the actual level of wealth, providing an accurate picture of overall financial health.

Is there a possibility of Limitless Exp returning to YouTube?

It seems like there is little to no possibility of Limitless Exp returning to YouTube to create further videos.


Limitless Exp had been continuously working in this industry to gain more fame. But later, he focused more on travelling and stopped making videos. Yet his fans can only hope to see him return once again.

Limitations: All information presented here is gathered from sources that are considered reliable. Yet, we assume no responsibility or liability regarding the accuracy of the information. The values that we have stated here are only estimates based on our research.


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