Jasmine Collins Net Worth – Age, Husband, Income, Earnings

Jasmine Collins Net Worth
Jasmine Collins Net Worth

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Jasmine Collins Net Worth

Jasmine Collins, the famous American hairstylist, is well known for her work as a hairstylist. Jasmine Collins, better known as Razor Chic of Atlanta, is a businesswoman. One of the highest-paid hair stylists, Jasmine Collins is a beautiful woman that empowers women to feel secure in their own hair. Inspirational stylish, Jasmine Collins helps clients with customizing hairstyles that reflect the wearer’s personality. The famous actress and hairstylist has earned huge fame and money over the years. Jasmine Collins Net Worth, according to the 2024 estimates, is $16 million. Explore more about Jasmine Collins income, salary, bio, and other details.

Jasmine Collins real nameJasmine Collins
Jasmine Collins Net Worth$16 million
Jasmine Collins age28
Height180cm 5′ 10¾”
OccupationHair stylist
Jasmine Collins
Jasmine Collins

Jasmine Collins earnings

The Jasmine Collins monthly earnings are around $50K. That said, the Jasmine Collins yearly earnings are around $600K.

Jasmine Collins Husband

Jasmine Collins boyfriend and Jasmine Collins husband details aren’t available, but it seems like she has been engaged.


  • Channel name: JasmineMfCOLLINS!
  • Joined on: 4th December 2016
  • Number of subscribers: 3.90K+


Jasmine Collins, the top earning actress and hairstylist has become very famous for her success in the television industry. Also, she has always taken appearances seriously. Successful career also as the Master Stylist made her very famous.

She earned huge recognition through the Atlanta-based company Razor Chic. Also, her hairstyles have won accolades in various major competitors, including Bronner Brother Hair Competition. She is famous for working for private clients.  Razor Chic Of Atlanta Weight Loss has also caught the attention of the fans.

In addition to that, the classes such as “The Razor Chic Pixie Cut & Wave Technique” and “The Relaxer & Wave Technique and Edge-U-Cation” help others build a prospective career in the industry. Also, she has been hosting a “Cut Party” in December that can benefit Toys For Tots. Jasmine Collins Bro Explaining her verdict regarding career success is amazing.

She has mentioned that she took the experience from the various hair salons for building clientele and saving money for the next step in her career. She had become famous for working with razors instead of using shears (scissors). Her incredible career life has listed her in the category of top celebrity’s net worth.


How Old Is Razor Chic?

Razor Chic age is 28 years.

Is Razor Chic Of Atlanta A Man?

She is a beautiful woman that empowers women to feel secure in their own hair.

What is Jasmine Collins Razor Chic Age?

Jasmine Collins Razor Chic Age data isn’t available.

What is Razor Chic Of Atlanta Real Name?

Razor Chic Of Atlanta Real Name is Jasmine Collins.

Is Jasmine Collins Razor Chic A Man?

She is a beautiful woman that empowers women to feel secure in their own hair.

Was Razor Chic Of Atlanta Born A Man?

She is a beautiful woman that empowers women to feel secure in their own hair.

What Happened To Jasmine Collins?

Jasmine Collin’s voice went viral for her voicemail to her manager. It highlights how she threatens to beat her for being racist.

Where Is Jasmine Collins Now?

She is now in Atlanta.

How Old Is Jasmine Collins?

Jasmine Collins age is 28 years.

Final words

Jasmine Collins Net Worth has been gradually increasing as she is truly dedicated to her work. You will love her hairstyling ideas. Stay tuned to receive further updates regarding similar hairstylists who have gained fame on social media.


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