Faze Kay Net Worth – Age, Girlfriend, Earnings

Faze Kay Net Worth
Faze Kay Net Worth

Faze Kay Net Worth

Khattrisha, aka Faze Kay, is an English YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and one of the directors of Call of Duty gaming group Faze Clan. Faze Kay is well known for his YouTube channel, where he posts content of him playing games like Call of Duty: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, PUBG, and more. Faze Kay also created a channel for posting reaction videos, pranks, daily vlogs. According to the 2021 updates, Faze Kay Net Worth is around $8 million.

Faze Kay Real NameFrazier Khattri “Kay” aka Frazier Kay
Faze Kay Net Worth$8 million
BirthdayFebruary 10th, 1996
Faze Kay age25 years
Faze Kay height5.8 feet / 176cm
ProfessionYouTuber, Twitch streamer, and one of the directors of Call of Duty gaming group Faze Clan

Frazier “Faze” Kay made an incredible amount of money with the gaming group FaZe Clan. Videos primarily highlight him doing everything during the day, interacting with team members and other friends. Besides, he started making YouTube in January 2012.

Faze Kay
Faze Kay

Faze Kay salary, earnings, income

Faze Kay salary revelations state that Faze Kay monthly earnings are around $30K. Moreover, Faze Kay yearly earnings are around $360K.

However, Faze Kay YouTube earnings mention that the channel, according to the 2021 estimates, has more than 6 million subscribers. Besides, the total views are more than 1.8 billion. Faze Kay income is around $9000 per day with $3.3 million per year from YouTube ads. Promotion of brands like Impractical Jokers, Like App, Opinion Post, etc., has earned him enough income.

Faze Kay relationship

Faze Kay girlfriend
Faze Kay girlfriend

Faze Kay relationship revelations suggest that the Faze Kay girlfriend was Charlotte Parkes. She is an American model and social influencer. He and the Faze Kay wife had started this journey of love life in 2018. However, they had separate ways in January 2020, as per the revelations on Twitter.

FaZe Kay dating history also suggests that Kay dated Instagram star Alex Adams. But, the lovebirds broke up following Kay’s move from the FaZe house in Los Angeles.


Channel name: Kay

Joined on: 7th January

Number of subscribers: 6.12 million+

Early life and career

Faze, born as Frazier Kay on February 10th, is British by nationality.

He had been a top student at his school. Later on, he decided to study business in college. After completing his first year, he quit the program and started focusing more on his career. Several videos highlight his mother. Besides, he also shares childhood memories of brothers Jarvis and Chandler. Jarvis is a famous YouTuber who was also previously an active member of the Faze Clan. The active career has listed Faze Kay in the top YouTuber’s net worth list.

After two years of making YouTube videos, the Faze Clan discovered Faze Kay and brought him onto the team. After some months, the team achieved fame and finally landed on the G2 E-sports roster. Besides everything else, Frazier is also famous one of the famous Faze members of the Faze Clan. Some other prominent members include Faze Jarvis, Faze Rain, Faze Rug, and many more.

Previously, when he launched his first Youtube channel, “Khattrisha,” he slowly learned to start as a pro gamer. Later on, he became one of the Faze Clan leaders.

In addition to being a pro gamer, Faze Kay publishes content like prank videos and question & answer sessions on the YouTube channel.

Posts videos regarding playing Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, PUBG, and other games are very engaging for viewers.

Faze Kay also teamed up with numerous Faze Clan members. As a pro gamer and YouTuber, Faze Kay makes a lot of money.

Presently, Frazier resides in LA and is known for “Clout Gang.

Unfortunately, FaZe Kay had to spend a large proportion of earnings on legal fees during 2017.

He has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Attractive images in luxury style pull the attention of viewers. Besides, he is also active on Twitter and Twitch.

Live coverage of Twitch events earns him extra money.

Controversy: Faze Kay verdict about crypto space

Faze Kay has been very passionate about the crypto space. But, all he feels about is that it is complicated. There’s a lot to learn with caution before investing. Besides, he apologises for speaking publicly about any coins without understanding them. He has also mentioned that it does more harm than good. He went on saying that for him, his fans mean the world to him. Consequently, The FaZe Clan rebuked and condemned and had declared that there was no involvement with its members’ activity in the cryptocurrency space.

It’s worth noting that the cryptocurrency incident was not Kay’s only controversial story. He had received backlash for lying. April 2018 highlights mention that Frazier uploaded video”This 100 Year Old Man Played Fortnite And Won.” That man was supposed to be his grandfather, but it is clear that the voice sounded like FaZe Jarvis, impersonating his grandpa.

Kay, in 2018 claimed his brother Jarvis won Fortnite underwater. But, fans noticed the controller Jarvis was holding was an Xbox 360 and is not the supported system.


How tall is Faze Kay?

Faze Kay height is 5’8”.

How Old Is Faze Kay?

Faze Kay age is 25 years.

Who is FaZe Kay Girlfriend?

Kay had been in a relationship with Charlotte Parkes. But, later, he started dating Alexa.

How Much Does Faze Make?

Faze Kay salary revelations state that Faze Kay monthly earnings are around $30K. Moreover, Faze Kay yearly earnings are around $360K.

Final words

Faze Kay Net Worth has been steeply increasing for the impressive gaming styles and talents. This way, he is inspiring netizens more to become pro gamers. Stay tuned with us to get the additional highlights about similar other pro gamers and streamers.


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