Dope As Yola Net Worth – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Sister, Background

Dope As Yola Net Worth
Dope As Yola Net Worth

Dope As Yola Net Worth

Thomas Araujo, better known as Dope as Yola to cannabis enthusiasts, has become immensely famous as the American YouTuber. 

Within a short period, the YouTuber witnessed immense praise from communities of CBD enthusiasts on social media. He is proud to claim that he is as Dope as Yola, and he literally lives a different life for a living! He wishes others to join his blurry adventure.

According to the 2024 estimates, the Dope As Yola Net Worth is around $8.5 million. Here, get the much – needed information regarding his earnings, expenses and other details.

Real nameThomas Araujo
Net Worth$8.5 million
BirthdaySeptember 6, 1989
BirthplaceMerced, CA
Age34 years
Height5ft 8in
OccupationYouTube Star, vlogger
Business & Booking Inquiries
Dope As Yola
Dope As Yola

Financial records – earnings and income sources

The majority of the earnings are from being a social media star vlogging regarding marijuana and how it is a recreational drug. The immensely rich YouTuber has been standing out of the crowd with some popular videos.

Dope As Yola monthly earnings are around $50K to $70K. That said, the Dope As Yola yearly earnings are around $600K to $840K.

Sources of Income

The YouTubers earn from varied sources and in this regard, we can say Dope As Yola as a marijuana enthusiast earns from numerous other streams compared to most YouTube stars. The list of streams are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$20,000 – $30,000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
TikTok Advertising Revenue$200 – $500 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$200 – $500 pper sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$20 – $50 pper sponsorship
Products sales (Clothing line Push Trees Clothing; The Dopest Shop – lab-tested products; The ReUp Store – papers, E-rigs, pipes, lighters, cones, bones, accessories, rigs)$5000 – $7000 per month – DOPE AS USUAL Podcast ($5000 – $7000 per month
Spotify – › show$1000 – $3000 per month
Twitch ($600 – $1500 per month

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in Merced, CA, United States. There might be chances that he owns houses in several other locations, but we do not have much information regarding the same.

Investment in businesses

For running a clothing line business, one has to start with $500 capital for a small-scale clothing line. Besides, the investment for a medium-sized businesses is around $1500 – $5000 for and $20000+ for major retail and wholesale clothing businesses. That being said, Dope As Yola had to make a decent investment in running his clothing line.

Also, the additional investments he has to make for upgrading his online clothing line spans anywhere between $5,800-$17,000 a year.

For running his marijuana business, Dope As Yola had to invest around $1 million to $2 million depending on real estate prices and local zoning.

Personal life details

Dope As Yola wife and girlfriend
Dope As Yola wife and girlfriend

Rosie Ruiz, aka Stoner Dottie on IG, has shared her opinion that Dope As Yola’s journey is inspiring. Dope as Yola has an older sister and a younger brother.


  • Channel name – Dope As Yola
  • Joined on – Oct 24, 2013
  • Number of subscriber – 1.73M+

Push Trees

Since 2013, Push Trees has established a fan base for itself. Though the start wasn’t too big, and the business started as a one-time clothing drop selling shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, polos, bongs, accessories, and much more, later, it quickly evolved into a sustained lifestyle brand for the Cannabis culture.  

In 2013, Yola responded to the overwhelming demand from the fan base, and so he made up his mind to launch Push Trees Clothing, which brings with it the spontaneous collection enough to develop itself into a sustained lifestyle brand. Push Trees Clothing has witnessed remarkable organic growth and, by now, has established for itself a devoted following, making it a brand that’s more than just clothing.

The brand symbolizes honor, belonging, and a statement of individuality. What makes it so distinct from the rest is the “if you know, you know” appeal. The brand has established itself in its streetwear scene. 83 individuals have permanently tattooed the brand’s logo as well.

Though this might sound like something overhyped, the truth is that this aspect marks the tangible expression of their lifelong loyalty and dedication to the Push Trees community. What can be felt is the devotion that speaks volumes about the brand’s influence. Push Trees Clothing has established itself as a prominent name in the fabric of cannabis and YouTube culture.

Push Trees is now working on the mission of emerging as one of the foremost streetwear brands in the world that reflects elements like creativity, community, and self-expression for generations to come.

The Dopest Shop

alternative cannabinoid company The Dopest Shop is known for its specialization in offering a wide range of lab-tested products, and these products are shippable to all 50 states.

The ReUp Store

The ReUp Store, an online head shop business, is very mindful of the online need for smoking products and sells everything, including papers, E-rigs, pipes, lighters, cones, bones, accessories, and rigs.


Is Dope As Yola Vegan?

Dope As Yola is vegan because he can’t eat dead body parts, as he feels those materials are gross.

Does Dope As Yola Have A Podcast?

Though the details regarding the podcast aren’t available, it can be supposed that after amassing nearly 60 Million views and 600 Million impressions on YouTube in 2020, Yola wished to take his career to the next level through his new podcast, “DOPE AS USUAL.” In this way, he will shine as the host, interviewer, entertainer, and podcaster.

What Does Dope As Yola Do? 

Social media star Dope As Yola gained fame for his Dope as Yola YouTube channel where he is vlogging about all-things marijuana with strain reviews and joint rollings. This is how he earns money by entertaining CBD enthusiasts.

Who is the host of the dope as Usual podcast?

Dope As Yola & Marty O’Neill hosts the official YouTube channel for The Dope As Usual Podcast. Through their podcast, they have earned a global, ultra-engaged fan base, “DOPE AS USUAL.”

Final words

Dope As Yola, the successful YouTuber, has been drawing the attention of many other viewers and is one of the most popular enthusiasts in today’s world. Share your opinion regarding the YouTuber in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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