David Robinson Drummer Net Worth – Earnings, Income, Facts 2021

David Robinson Drummer Net Worth
David Robinson Drummer Net Worth

David Robinson drummer net worth

David Robinson drummer is an American artist and a rock drummer. Over the years, he has performed with many bands. Some of his popular bands include Rising Tide, The Pop and The Modern Lovers. According to the 2022 estimates, the David Robinson drummer net worth is around $20 million. In the year 2018 Robinson was also introduced into the rock and roll Hall.

NameDavid Robinson
David Robinson drummer net worth$20 million
Date of birthApril 2, 1949
Place of birthBoston, Massachusetts, USA
ProfessionArtist, drummer, actor
David Robinson drummer
David Robinson drummer

Early life

David Robinson was born on April 2nd, 1953, in Boston, Massachusetts. He had attended the Woburn High School. The rich and famous drummist was a member of the band “the modern lovers” from the year 1972 to 1973. Then, he briefly went on with the profession of drummer for the boost on Punk group DMZ. He had been doing this before, being the drummer proved to be socially popular, successful, and innovative.

Highlight on an active career

Old is gold

The top earning artist and drummist had become successful in the profession within just a limited period of time. With his career, he had also influenced lots of people. With his skills, David Robinson, later on, started shining with his performance in other countries as well. Presently he is no more active in the profession. But he started his acting career after 1978. Right after that, he took a suspension for nine years in the profession still stopped working as a drummer in 1987. David Robinson salary was around $1 million a year. Besides, David Robinson monthly earnings and David Robinson yearly earnings had been enough for his perfect lavish life.

Related facts about David Robinson drummer

David Robinson wife

The updates regarding David Robinson wife and David Robinson girlfriend are not clear yet.


How old is David Robinson drummer of the cars?

David Robinson Age is 72 years (2 April 1949).

Who is David Robinson drummer?

David Robinson (born April 2, 1949) is an American rock drummer who has performed with many rock bands, including the Rising Tide, the Modern Lovers, the Pop!, DMZ, and The Cars.

Where does David Robinson of The Cars live?

David Robinson of The Cars lives in Massachusetts.
Today, Robinson is far from the stage lights and lives a simpler life on the coast of Massachusetts with a view of the ocean.

Final words

We have mentioned the related facts about David Robinson drummer net worth. Stay tuned with us as we will bring to the spotlight the net worth of many other personalities.


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