Binging With Babish Net Worth 2022 – girlfriend, Monthly Earnings

Binging With Babish Net Worth
Binging With Babish Net Worth

Binging With Babish net worth

Babish Culinary Universe, the cooking YouTube channel, is by the American YouTuber from New York, Andrew Rea. Everyone is quite interested in learning new recipes, which has been the reason behind the popularity of some YouTubers. The 2022 estimates suggest that the Binging With Babish Net Worth is around $9 million.

Real nameAndrew Douglas Rea
Also known asOliver Babish
Binging With Babish net worth$9 million
ChannelBabish Culinary Universe
Birth dateSeptember Sep 2, 1987
BirthplaceMendon, NY
Binging With Babish age34
Professionfood-and-film-maker, author, YouTuber

What makes Andrew Douglas Rea a famous YouTuber is that he continually post various videos of him preparing the foods that have always been wanted. He always felt inspired by foods being tried in the movies and television series. The career started in February 2016 by doing the complete Turkey burger from comedy parks and Recreation.

Binging With Babish
Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish income, salary, earnings

The 2022 estimates mention Binging With Babish monthly earnings is around $30K. That said, the Binging With Babish yearly earnings are around $360K. Andrew makes income through regular monthly donations, YouTube advertising, YouTube Premium subscribers for the avoidance of in-video advertising. A lucrative book deal brings him additional earnings as well. Offers from corporate sponsors are also bringing him the desired money.

Binging With Babish girlfriend

Binging With Babish girlfriend
Binging With Babish girlfriend

Fans are always curious to know who is Binging With Babish dating. The answer to Binging With Babish relationship is he is engaged to his girlfriend, Jessica Opon. He has shared this news happily on Instagram while he showed off the engagement ring with her.


Early life and career

Born on September 2, 1987, in Mendon, New York, Binging With Babish belongs to his parents Annie and Douglas Rea. Together they brought him up in Rochester, New York. He also got the older brother David who had appeared with him. Christopher had also made an appearance in one of his videos while putting the younger version of himself. Binging With Babish, aka Andrew, is also well known as Oliver Babish. The popularity of Binging With Babish has ranked him in the top YouTuber’s net worth list.

The creator of the YouTube channel Binging With Babish has a surprisingly high net worth. He started with his YouTube journey in February 2016 and premiered the show, the episode inspired by the popular Sitcom fox and reaction.

In that, the top earning food enthusiast and YouTuber has also demonstrated the step-by-step instructions for the creation of television and film-based meals. Andrew Rea has also shared his ideas with the creation of iconic dishes from the films like Goodfellas and the television show like The Office.

That said, he has got a lot of income from his several Avenue. The advertising revenue with YouTube advertising has brought him enough income. Binging With Babish Salary from the YouTube premium subscribers is bringing him lots of money. However, it’s worth noting that the production budget is pretty low, and he does the majority of the production work by himself. He has received lots of offers from corporate sponsors that are interested in partnering with him.

They do so for being featured on his channel. Binging With Babish, who is well-known as one of the highest-paid food vloggers and YouTubers also keeps the cost down. He has been highly appreciating the work with YouTube and the freedom that he has got in the form of the content creator. The success of the channel was a surprising thing for him.

YouTube channel by the rich and famous YouTuber has got Fame due to his methods of showing how to cook with the Different techniques and the different recipes. Whenever it comes to cooking, people are always looking to learn new styles. Andrew shows some of them on his channel.

He has become very popular on social media platforms. The channel created by Andrew has become popular both with the traditional and formal methods of cooking. In the beginning, it was just the fun and experimenting with various cooking styles. But later on, he attracted plenty of subscribers and got over 1.5 billion views. Besides cooking, he also uploads Educational videos that make him so popular.

The inception of the YouTube channel

Binging With Babish, the YouTube channel by the name Babish Culinary Universe had its creation on 22nd August 2006. The channel has been trending with plenty of videos. Some of his videos also have the introduction song of the various episodes sung by Kelsey Grammer’s song Tossed Sales And Scrambled Eggs.

But later on, due to some problem, Andrew changed that song theatre. The introduction shows the food being prepared, and then he would appear in the kitchen with a warm welcome for his viewers. The real fame of Binging With Babish had started in February 2016.

Previously, Andrew didn’t get a lot of views. But later on, he started seeing huge growth in his potential. He started making money on 14th November 2016. With his videos, he became popular as one of the most popular video makers. With the income he made from his videos, Andrew got a better camera for his various videos.

The Sony digital camera works wonders for him. In 2019 he had also acknowledged his friend for being dedicated to helping him in making the videos. Andrew published the second cookbook that is referred to as Binging With Babish on 22nd October 2019. It has around a hundred recipes.

Awards and achievements

The channel has got the first nomination award from the Streamy awards and has got the rank of 7. In 2018 it also received the nomination for Shorty awards and got the rank 10 the award for the best food. In 2019 he also got the award with Streamy awards at the 9th position for the various foods he prepares.


Is Binging with Babish rich?

Yes, he is incredibly rich. The 2022 estimates suggest that the Binging With Babish Net Worth is around $9 million.

How much does Binging with Babish make?

The 2022 estimates mention Binging With Babish monthly earnings is around $30K. That said, the Binging With Babish yearly earnings are around $360K.

How old is binging with Babish?

Binging With Babish age is 34 years.

What is Binging with Babish height?

Binging with Babish height is 5 Feet 10 Inch.

Why is it called binging with babish?

The YouTube channel created by Rea as Binging with Babish on August 21, 2006, makes fans curious to know why it is named so. His name was inspired by The West Wing character Oliver Babish. The first episode of Binging with Babish on February 10, 2016, is about a Parks and Recreation burger cook-off.

Final words

Binging With Babish net worth is increasing every day with the number of people flocking to his channel. Andrew has been an inspirational figure in the world of cooking. Numerous YouTubers are now starting with their dream career of cooking on YouTube. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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