Sailing Soulianis Net Worth – Lauren & Kirk Earnings

Sailing Soulianis Net Worth
Sailing Soulianis Net Worth

Sailing Soulianis Net Worth

Sailing Soulianis, YouTubers, and sailors are a couple of born and raised Midwesterners with hearts belonging to the ocean.

As per our team’s 2024 findings, Sailing Soulianis Net Worth is $900K. Explore the most updated information regarding their earnings, lifestyle and other details about them.

Sailing Soulianis real nameLauren & Kirk
Net Worth$900K
BirthdayKirk Berryman – 1994; Lauren Schroeder – 1997
AgeKirk Berryman – 30; Lauren Schroeder – 27
HeightKirk Berryman – 5ft 10in; Lauren Schroeder – 5ft 4in
WeightKirk Berryman – 85kg; Lauren Schroeder – 62kg
ProfessionYouTubers and sailors
Sailing Soulianis (Lauren & Kirk)
Sailing Soulianis (Lauren & Kirk)

Sailing Soulianis earnings, income, salary

Sailing Soulianis monthly earnings, as per our findings, is $20K. That being said, Sailing Soulianis yearly earnings are $240K. They have two rental properties, which make up about 20% of their income. All YouTube sailing Soulianis stuff makes up about 30% of their income.

Income production streams

The well paid sailing YouTube stars rely on several revenue generation streams and earn from them. The varied sources of income are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue (Sailing Soulianis)$3000 – $5000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $700 per post
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (sailingsoulianis)$100 – $500 per post
Product sales (; ‘Sails Silhouette’ Tee), sponsorships, brand endorsements$1000 – $3000 a month
Earnings from web project management$4000 – $5000 per month
Earnings from real estate photography business$4000 – $5000 per month
Patreon subscribers ( – The Hitchhiker $2 / episode; The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster $5 / episode; The Point of View Gun $10 / episode; The Zarkin Frood $25 / episode; The Galaxy $50 / episode$3000 – $5000 a month is the email address to reach out to them.

Assets, and Expenses

The professional sailing YouTube personality owns houses in the Midwest. The pair have been living lives on a sailboat. Just the way that most people are living their lives from an apartment, from a house, from a condo, they just choose to do everything from the boat.

Boat collection alongside Investment in sailing career

Sailing Soulianis boat

The high earning YouTubers own expensive boats, including a Sailing Soulianis Tartan 37. Kirk and Lauren bought a 2002 Ferrier F9AX.

The pair invested in rental properties while both were working full-time. They saved as much as they could, with enough for the purchase of their boat ($78,000) and 12 months of savings.

To do this, Lauren & Kirk have invested in rental properties. Kirk works nearly full-time in web project management, and Lauren manages a real estate photography business. Besides, they also invest around $500-$5000 a year in making additional upgrades. Regarding the budget for sailing, the pair looks for arbitrarily picked $3,000 a month when they first bought our boat. They took a guess based on how much they normally spend on land.

YouTube details

  • Name of the channel: Sailing Soulianis
  • Joined on: 23 Sept 2015
  • Number of subscribers: 97.2K

Sailing Soulianis bio

Well known sailing influencers and YouTubers Sailing Soulianis are a couple of born and raised Midwesterners with hearts belonging to the ocean. After a decade of dreaming + planning to buy a sailboat, the pair found a beautiful Tartan 37 in Wisconsin, sailed for a season in the freshwater of Lake Michigan, and have been migrating south via the inland river system to saltwater and warmer climates.

Highlights on Early Life and Career

Sailing Soulianis website reveals that Lauren & Kirk began their new boat life in Lake Michigan and have made their way to the warmer waters of the Caribbean and beyond. Sailing Soulianis is a couple of born and raised Midwesterners with hearts that belong to the ocean. The sailing YouTube pair have been sailing Tartan 37 from the Great Lakes south to saltwater!

It took Lauren & Kirk 10 years to finally launch our 2-year sailing plan. Why so long? Lauren & Kirk had student debt to pay off, and they needed to save to buy a boat. Lauren & Kirk wanted to figure out how to sustain income once they left the dock.

Lauren & Kirk decided they loved cruising; they didn’t want to have to stop because the money ran out — especially if they loved it. 

Finally, during the summer of 2017, they moved aboard our new boat in search of what lay beyond the horizon.

The pair’s search for the right sailboat took years: they researched thousands of sailboats online, saw hundreds in person, and made some crazy decisions, like driving 10 hours through the desert in Mexico to see a catamaran and moving from San Diego to the Midwest in the dead of winter to get the right boat in the right cruising grounds.

Living aboard a 37′ sailboat is a practice of minimalism, and what they choose to bring aboard must be vital to our daily life and/or everyday happiness. All they want in life is something that is high-quality and long-lasting

  • · Partners

Lauren & Kirk have developed a partnership with a small number of companies in the marine industry that they believe produce exceptional products and also go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that their customers are well taken care of.

They have, at times, received free or discounted products from partners in exchange for sharing experiences with their product(s) on social media accounts and websites. Some of the popular partners include Precision Sail Loft, Highfield Boats USA, ePropulsion, Coppercoat USA, Sailrite, and Mantus.

Lauren and Kirk have been together since college in the Midwest and dreamed of being closer to the ocean. After school, the pair moved to San Diego, California, and spent years dreaming of living aboard and seeing the world on their own sailboat. The romantic sailing couple decided it was time to make their dream a reality, so in 2017, they bought SV Soulianis, a 1979 Tartan 37′.

They began their new boat life in Lake Michigan and have made their way to the warmer waters of the Caribbean and beyond. In September 2020, they welcomed daughter Renata into the world, and in the summer of 2022, they took on their next sailing adventure, a trailerable trimaran! Kirk and Lauren had, at a point, bought a 2002 Ferrier F9AX and quickly tackled the process of getting her ready for her next ocean adventures.

With a history in the photography business and their quest for adventure, Sailing Soulianis has been able to document and share their incredible journey with the goal of connecting with the people they meet.

  • Boat Name

Sailing Soulianis boat is S/V Soulianis. Sailing Soulianis own a Tartan 37, with their home port being Wisconsin. The registration number is WS 4566 BX. There have been several upgrades to their boat, including: RAHM their Highfield dinghy; Repairing own sails.

  • Crew Members

Kirk Berryman; Lauren Schroeder

The duo spent six years living in busy California but are originally from the mid-west.

Much of their initial sailing was on Lake Michigan. Lauren and Kirk headed down the ICW towards saltwater. Also, they have explored Mexico and The Bahamas, the Illinois River, Lake Michigan, and The Mississippi River.

Lauren started working remotely, and over a number of different job changes and a bunch of different years, it slowly grew and grew and grew. Lauren had been working full-time remotely and then decided to travel full-time.

Lauren does multimedia production, which is video production, web development, and online marketing campaigns. My role is mostly project and client management. Most of her time is spent emailing clients and talking on Slack or instant messenger with the development team. So Lauren has to stay connected almost all the time. So, while Kirk’s working, Lauren usually does video editing.

The pair says that becoming financially independent is not a smooth, straightforward process. Lauren and Kirk started a relationship in college, working on projects in video production classes. And ever since then, they wanted a project to be able to work on together. Using a passion for video production with sailing, Soulianis proved to be fruitful.

Personal Family and Relationship 

Regarding Sailing Soulianis family and relationship, we can say that Lauren & Kirk are a married pair.

Regarding Sailing Soulianis children, we can say Video creator Sailing Soulianis has a baby boy, Kai, who was born October 12th at 12:42 am, 7lb 8oz. Also, they have a daughter, Renata.


How Old Is Sailing Soulianis?

Sailing Soulianis age is Kirk Berryman – 30; Lauren Schroeder – 27.

Where Is Sailing Soulianis From?

Sailing Soulianis is from the Midwest.

How Much Is Sailing Soulianis Worth?

Sailing Soulianis Net Worth is $900K.

How Tall Is Sailing Soulianis?

Sailing Soulianis height is Kirk Berryman – 5ft 10in; Lauren Schroeder – 5ft 4in.

How Much Does Sailing Soulianis Make?

Sailing Soulianis earns $20K a month.

Final words

We are trying our best to find out further information regarding the YouTube stars besides Sailing Soulianis net worth. Do stay tuned to receive further updates from us.


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