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Matt Guy Net Worth
Matt Guy Net Worth

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Matt Guy net worth

Matt Guy, the best cornhole player in the world, has earned immense popularity lately. 2024 estimates highlight that the Matt Guy net worth is around $950K. Explore more about the Matt Guy earnings, income, salary, career, and other details.

Matt Guy full nameMatt Guy
Matt Guy net worth$950K
BirthplaceKentucky, The USA
Matt Guy ageNA
Matt Guy height5ft 8in
OccupationCornhole player
What is Matt Guy Net Worth?
What is Matt Guy Net Worth?

Matt Guy earnings, income, and salary

Estimates regarding the earning of the top sportsperson suggest that the Matt Guy monthly earnings go around $3K. That said, the Matt Guy yearly earnings go around $36K. He earns from the matches that he wins. With that money, he also often goes on vacations with his family. 

Matt Gay Kicker Wife

The details regarding the Matt Gay Kicker relationship aren’t available.

Early life and career

A sales representative for Stigler Supply Company based in Cincinnati, Matt Guy, now the top earning sportsperson, won the inaugural “King of Cornhole” title in 2006. The title is widely recognized as the title for the best cornhole player in the world.

Widely recognized as the title for the best cornhole player in the worldMatt Guy had drawn the attention of sports enthusiasts around the globe. Since 2006, Matt has won another five championships and is currently the reigning King of Cornhole.

The game turns out to be quite similar to horseshoes, except it’s played with small bags full of corn and two wooden platforms with holes. 27 feet between the front edges of the platforms make the sports a bit different, and in this game, each player has four one-pound bags filled with feed corn.

Players score when they toss a bag into the hole or onto the opposite platform. The best part is that people of all ages can play the game anywhere, including indoors. The impressive performance the popular and top earning cornhole player has presented in this field has boosted Matt Guy net worth and had ranked him in the category of top sportsperson’s net worth. As a teenager, Matt’s dad taught him to pitch horseshoes, and he was trained to do so competitively.

He also mentioned be was ranked sixth in the world of horseshoe pitching. 2000 estimates highlight that the high paid sportsperson was introduced to cornhole. For a few years, Matt played in both horseshoe and cornhole tournaments switching exclusively to cornhole in 2004.

The father-son tradition continued, and then Matt played doubles cornhole with his son Bret. Matt mentioned that when the weekend rolls around, he and Bret hit the tournaments. Winnings on behalf of the duo are about $250 apiece at a tournament, except for the $10,000 that they had won in Denver in October as the biggest doubles prize money ever.

Matt had also mentioned winning $10,000 in the King of Cornhole world championship singles competition in 2015. Also, he has been hoping to show similar performance in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tournaments have always been a big part of Matt’s life. Also, he had mentioned that when the kids were younger, they vacationed in Florida. Back then, they used to play in tournaments on the way to Florida and again in Florida. The money they won paid for the vacations.

Matt Guy, ACL Pro from the Mid-South Conference, started playing cornhole and worked his way up to an ACL Pro. Former horseshoe pitcher Matt Guy switched over to cornhole. He began playing in tournaments in the year 2000. Formerly an ACO Pro and then ACL Pro in the 2020/21 season, Matt Guy is no stranger to the spotlight as the 5-time King of Cornhole.

Also, he proved to be the favorite to claim the crown next month at the ACO World Championships of Cornhole VII. Matt Guy also earned immense recognition when he racked up three ACO Major wins and six ACO Regionals during the 2012 season.

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What Bags Does Matt Guy Throw?

The details are NA.

Where Is Matt Guy From?

Matt Guy is from Kentucky, USA.

How Much Does Matt Guy Make In Cornhole?

Matt plays doubles cornhole with son Bret, 22, who won the King of Cornhole title in 2013. Winnings are about $250 apiece at a tournament, except for the $10,000 we won in Denver in October.

How Much Is Matt Guy Worth?

Matt Guy net worth is around $950K.

What Is The Matt Guy Hometown?

Matt Guy Hometown is Kentucky, USA.

What is the Matt Gay Kicker Salary?

He earns around $250 apiece at a tournamentMatt Guy monthly earnings go around $3K.

Final words

With the rapid progress that the top earning spokesperson has been operating, he has acquired the immense Matt Guy net worth. Share your opinion in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for the further updates.


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