Ghost Phone Numbers to Connect With the Paranormal Sphere!

Ghost Phone Numbers
Ghost Phone Numbers

Ghost Phone Number

Numbers connected with the legend over the years and searched as Ghost Phone Numbers include 0802 311 1999; 0802 222 5999; 7888308001; and 9316048121.

When we find ourselves in situation that are boring or awkward and that’s when we want some fun! If you are wishing to experience something supernatural and yet confident enough to not getting paranoid, then this article definitely for you!

Here, you will discover certain numbers that are scary enough to send shivers down your spine! So, it’s recommended to take the necessary precautions before dialing one!

Spooky Update! There’s a reason why the phone number 0888 888 888 has been suspended — and it states that all its users are dead.

A lot of hotels do not have floor number 13 or even room number 13 because it is haunted and inauspicious. A Bulgarian number has been suspended forever after the company observed a pattern where all its owners died. The jinxed phone number is 0888 888 888.

The first owner was the CEO of the issuing company Mobitel himself, Vladimir Grashnov, and he died of cancer in 2001.

Mail Online stated that his cancer was rumoured to have been caused by a ‘business rival using radioactive poisoning’.

Mafia named Konstantin Dimitrov took up The number, who was also killed in 2003 by an assassin in the Netherlands, that was when he had gone to inspect his 500 million-worth drug empire. Russian mafias gunned him down for being jealous of him. It’s also said that he had the phone with him when he died.

The businessman Konstantin Dishliev was the third man who took up the number. He was killed in 2005 in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, reportedly outside an Indian restaurant. Mail Online reported that Dishliev had been into running a cocaine trafficking operation. The case of his killing is still open.

Ever since 2005, the number has been suspended. People who call on it receive the same message ‘outside network coverage’.

Mobitel was contacted to comment, and they stated, “We have no comment to make. We won’t discuss individual numbers.”

How can I contact ghosts?

How can I contact ghosts?
How can I contact ghosts?

Ghost Phone Numbers include 0802 311 1999; 0802 222 5999; 7888308001; and 9316048121.

List of spooky numbers or ghost phone numbers that you and your friends should never try calling

Isn’t it a fascinating idea to discover some spooky numbers? Well, here we will list the Verified Weird & Creepy Numbers:

Are you in the mood for some spine-chilling fun? So here is a list of verifiably creepy numbers for you to dial up!

Wrinkles the Clown

Call 407-734-0254 to reach the voicemail box of a real-life, child-terrorizing clown. Based in Naples, Florida, Wrinkles the Clown apparently offers a wide variety of services, including performing at parties and intentionally scaring children. Calling 407-734-0254 lets you listen to the clown’s voicemail, letting you hear a pretty chilling message.

Stranger Things 3

Dial 618-625-8313 hearing an eerie message from a familiar character in the Stranger Things franchise.

Echo Number

You will get to hear a spooky echo of your own voice by calling 909-390-0003. The “echo line,” a US-based number, repeats everything you say.

Here and There along the Echo

270-301-5797 definitely is a bizarre number. Cryptic phone tree introduces you to a strange world and so be ready to feel amazed as a whimsical voice takes you on an other-worldly auditory journey that explores the fictional Echo River.

“Cursed” number

0888 888 888 is often referred to as a cursed number. The Bulgarian phone company Mobitel switched off 0888 888 888 services after it had discovered that dialers often got a creepy feeling by dialing it.

Something bad is happening to Suzy

20 20 20 20 has got a story linked to it! Completely free to dial 20 20 20 20 gets you connected to a woman monotonously telling them that something bad was happening to Suzy.

Dangerous game

10000000 (ten million) is a number that is considered to be a good omen! 10,000,000 forces you into a dangerous game— and that involves getting 15 separate people to call the 10,000,000 number or suffering a terrible fate. Spooky 10000000 won’t often let you find anyone at the other end of the line, but you won’t realize who it is that has actually picked up the call.

Devil’s number

666-666-6666 is a demonic number that actually works. This number is considered to be the doorway for the entry of the creepy, otherworldly calls and voicemails.

Cursed number in Thailand

999-9999 is often referred to as a cursed number in Thailand— but again, 9 being a great digit lets you find it in your telephone number or on your lottery ticket.

Cursed Japanese number (aka “Sadako’s Number”)

090-4444-4444 is often referred to as a cursed Japanese number (popularly referred to as “Sadako’s Number”) that destined you to a grim fate within a week’s time

Red Numbers

“Red numbers” put out frequencies allegedly leading to hearing loss or even deadly injury. the infamous “red numbers” connected with this rumor include 0802-311-1999 and 0802-222-5999

Mediums that are guaranteed to work!

According to the paranormal experts, the best ways to connect with the otherworldly entities are as follows:

The Spirit Box

A paranormal research device, the Spirit Box finds use as a spirit communication tool to connect with spirits or ghosts by detecting EVPs.

Ouija board with Planchette

Ouija board with Planchette
Ouija board with Planchette

Ouija board, in occultism, serves as a device ostensibly for obtaining messages from the spirit world, activated by a medium during a séance. Planchette, a small triangular board used in automatic writing, works on the board with a phenomenon associated with spiritualism.

Other numbers that are reportedly haunted!

Phone Numbers like 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666 also fall under the category of Ghost Phone Numbers. For years, people all over the world have been receiving creepy messages from these phone numbers ad, so it’s worth staying away from these numbers.

Creepy Phone Numbers To Call That Actually Work 

The Ghost Phone Numbers that actually work are -951-572-2602; 408-634-2806; 828-756-0109; 407-734-0254; 270-301-5797.


What is a ghost phone number?

Ghost numbers are regarded as phone numbers diverting calls to a different telephone number. Popular Ghost Phone Numbers include 0802 311 1999; 0802 222 5999; 7888308001; and 9316048121.

What is the Japanese horror number?

According to folklore, the number 4 is avoided in apartments and hospitals, and the number 49 is also considered unlucky, for the pronunciation is similar to the Japanese term shiku, meaning ‘to suffer and die.’

What is the 100000000000 haunted number?

100000000000 haunted number is one of the Top Haunted Numbers You Should Never Call!

What is ghost number 13?

Some believe number 13 isunlucky because one of those thirteen, Judas Iscariot, was the betrayer of Jesus Christ. 

What are the numbers you should never call?

Top Haunted Numbers You Should Never Call are 1(207)404-26042; 40863428063; 100000000009; 088888888810!

What are Annabelle’s haunted numbers?

Annabelle, a supposedly haunted Raggedy Ann doll that lives in the occult museum of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, is often considered cursed, but there isn’t a number to connect with her.

Final words

Though we have listed the popular ghost phone numbers that are worth dialing, yet we will suggest you never do so even when you are with your friends! Even if you are dialing, make sure you are in a situation to calm yourself down!


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