Feiping Chang Net Worth – Earning, Income, Boyfriend, Facts

Feiping Chang Net Worth
Feiping Chang Net Worth

Feiping Chang net worth

Feiping Chang, a Taiwanese-born and Hong Kong-based influencer, has established himself as a renowned socialite, blogger, and fashion influencer. As per the reports in 2024, Feiping Chang net worth is around $7 million. Get the detailed insight into Feiping Chang income, earning streams and other aspects. 

Real nameFeiping Chang
Net worthUS $7 million
Birth placeTaipei, Taiwan
OccupationSocialite, fashion blogger
Alma materNew York University
Feiping Chang
Feiping Chang

Income overview – Listing the earning sources

Feiping Chang is known today as one of the highest-paid fashion bloggers. She once started a career as a Businessperson after completing her formal education. 

Today, Feiping Chang is known for establishing her beauty brand, which has yielded her a tremendous income. Earnings stats suggest that Feiping Chang monthly earnings are around $50K to $80K. Feiping Chang yearly earnings are around $600K to $960K.

Revenue generating streams

Feiping Chang is ultra-glamorous, and she initially started with a hobby to curb lockdown boredom. 

Feiping Chang had graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business before starting with her journey.

The fashion YouTuber had even previously worked in finance and banking in Hong Kong. At a point, she decided to give up on her career in finance and banking and thus launched her lifestyle blog, xoxoFei.com. Her lifestyle as a socialite in Hong Kong makes her so distinct from the rest.

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
Business Revenue$15000 – $20000 per month
YouTube Advertising Revenue$10000 – $15000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $1000 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
Products sales, Sponsorships, Brand Endorsements and Brand Deals$10000 – $30000 per month

General Expenses, Possessions, and Investments

Content creators usually have to bear a wide variety of expenses while creating their content, that’s inclusive of investing in equipment, travel expenses, utilities, amenities, entertainment, and other living expenses.

Feiping Chang owns a luxurious house in Hong Kong. As an entrepreneur, Feiping Chang has earned a lot on her own. The entrepreneur, who was born in Taipei and grew up in Sydney and Singapore, took to settling in Hong Kong.

Besides, she owns luxurious family houses in Taipei, Taiwan.

Moreover, Feiping Chang has inherited billions from her father, Peter Lim, and this data is enough to conclude that the fashionista and businesswoman owns properties across numerous locations. 

Additional Possessions

Feiping Chang and her husband moved into a stylish Hong Kong apartment that has Hong Kong standards. The property is based in a semi-autonomous region. Chang and her husband’s triplex has elegant mid-century modern accents to the white sofa. 

Also, Feiping Chang has a roomy walk-in wardrobe where she stores high-end fashion. The socialite, fond of haute couture, has several custom gowns,

Feiping Chang’s bedroom is incredible, and the influencer has often promoted the pricey Crème de la Mer skincare range.

A luxurious wedding

Feiping Chang married banker Lincoln Li in Capri, Italy, where the couple refurbished a villa to host the celebration. The wedding had lasted three days and cost millions.

The wedding marked that the bride’s dress was the biggest that the designer had ever made. Every portion of it had flowers. For celebrating their wedding, the pair had invited 150 of their closest friends for a three-day, multi-million-dollar celebration.

Personal life

Feiping Chang Husband
Feiping Chang Husband

Feiping Chang has been married to Lincoln Li since 2017. In 2014, Chang met financier Lincoln Li with the introduction through mutual friend Ivan Pun. Their meeting was beautiful while they were in Myanmar. 

Li proposed to Chang two years later at the Huka Lodge in Taupo. The couple were married legally in April 2017.

Events adding to her traumas

Feiping Chang’s global beauty business witnessed huge success in a short time. However, life for her has always been full of ups and downs. Feiping Chang chose to make tough staffing decisions and work normal office hours to build an identity for her brand.

The fashionista had also been honest about having mental health problems and that she had constantly been battling depression and anxiety. Miscarrying unborn twins in 2018 gave her enough traumas. The Instagram influencer had to face huge hassles during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

What are the ways fashion bloggers earn money?

Fashion bloggers monetize their content and earn from advertising revenue. The majority of the creators earn from Google Adsense. Sponsored Content is yet another way they make money. Collaborating with brands helps the creators create sponsored posts, videos, or social media content, and they get payment for the same. 

Affiliate Marketing opens a scope for fashion bloggers to earn commissions by promoting products or services through affiliate links on blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. Creators receive a percentage of the sales generated through their affiliate links.

Product Sales, including clothing, accessories, beauty products, or digital products, including online courses, add to the revenue generated.

Collaborating with brands in the form of long-term partnerships, ambassadorships, or sponsored trips involves creating exclusive content, attending events, or representing the brand that makes the influencers enough money.


Why is Feiping Chang rich?

Feiping Chang, a Taipei-born socialite and fashion influencer, now based in Hong Kong, has earned immense fame and income for her glamorous lifestyle.

What is the Feiping Chang family net worth?

The estimated Feiping Chang family net worth is 3 billion USD.

What is Feiping Chang wedding cost? 

Fashion blogger Feiping Chang married fiancé Lincoln Li by booking a lavish, million-dollar destination wedding in Capri. 

Where is Feiping Chang house?  

Feiping Chang, the Taipei-born socialite and fashion influencer, now owns a luxurious house in Hong Kong. 

How do Socialites earn?

Socialites generate huge revenue through their businesses, including family businesses, modeling, advertising, and club or event hosting, in addition to attending social events. Some socialites are born into wealthy families and often use their celebrity status to advance their careers. Participating in social events, including fundraisers, charities, and organizations, add to their income. Also, what they are primarily focused on is increasing influence and presence to boost profits by participating in and organizing social events.

Closing words

The fashion blogger and influencer Feiping Chang has been constantly making new strides in her mission to build her brand to the top-notch level. Stay tuned with us to get information about similar influencers.

Limitations: All information presented here is gathered from sources that are considered reliable. Yet, we assume no responsibility or liability regarding the accuracy of the information. The values that we have stated here are only estimates based on our research.


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