Feiping Chang Net Worth – Earning, Income, Boyfriend, Facts

Feiping Chang Net Worth
Feiping Chang Net Worth

Feiping Chang net worth

Feiping Chang is a renowned socialite, blogger, and fashion influencer. The personality is a Taiwanese-born and Hong Kong-based influencer. The 2023 estimates suggest that the Feiping Chang net worth is around US $5 million.

Explore more about Feiping Chang earnings, income, salary, career and other details.

Real nameFeiping Chang
Feiping Chang net worthUS $5 million
Birth placeTaipei, Taiwan
OccupationSocialite, fashion blogger
Alma materNew York University
Feiping Chang
Feiping Chang

Feiping Chang income, salary, earnings

Feiping Chang, one of the highest-paid fashion bloggers has started with a career as Businessperson. She had started with it In her early life. She chose this path to success after completing her formal education.

The beauty brand she has developed is attaining massive recognition. Such an income has got her listed in the list of the top celebrity’s net worth.

Feiping Chang earnings stats suggest that the Feiping Chang yearly earnings are around $1 million. Besides, the Feiping Chang monthly earnings bear a figure of $30K approx. That said, the Feiping Chang yearly earnings go around $360K.

Viewers usually ask: How much does Feiping Chang earn? Achannel is monetized through ads and earns money for every thousand video views.

YouTubers earn an average of between $3 to $7 per thousand video views. Some YouTube channels are even more than $7 per thousand video views.

The YouTube channel Feiping Chang likely has additional revenue sources like promoting products, accepting sponsorships, or earning money through affiliate commissions.

Feiping Chang Husband

Feiping Chang Husband
Feiping Chang Husband

The latest details regarding Feiping Chang boyfriend suggest that the socialite is married to Lincoln Li since 2017.

In 2014, Chang had met financier Lincoln Li. The introduction had been through mutual friend Ivan Pun. Their meeting was beautiful while they were in Myanmar. Li proposed to Chang two years later, at the Huka Lodge in Taupo. Consequently, the couple were married legally in April 2017.

Personal life and career

The ultra-glamorous Feiping Chang started with a hobby to curb lockdown boredom. She has shown what it means to be a part of the real-life crazy rich Asians. The rich lady is all set to inherit billions from her father, Peter Lim. But that’s not the end of the story. This fashionista and businesswoman is following her own path to become an entrepreneur.

Feiping Chang, one of the high earning fashion entrepreneurs was born in Taipei and grew up in Sydney and Singapore to become the entrepreneur she had desired of. Later on, she took to settling in Hong Kong. She had graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business before starting with her journey.

Chang, the top earning fashion YouTuber had worked in finance and banking in Hong Kong. But, she wasn’t interested in this field any longer. So, she went on with launching her lifestyle blog, xoxoFei.com. The major notability she has earned is for her lifestyle as a socialite in Hong Kong.

Her global beauty business is seeing huge success already. She has been to also make tough staffing decisions and working normal office hours. In this way, she is building an identity for her brand.

The high paid actress and fashionista had also been honest about having mental health problems. She had constantly been battling depression and anxiety. Miscarrying unborn twins in 2018 gave her enough traumas.

The Instagram influencer had to face huge hassles during the lockdown due to COVID 19.


Why is Feiping Chang rich?

Feiping Chang, a Taipei-born socialite and fashion influencer, now based in Hong Kong, has earned immense fame and income for her glamorous lifestyle.

What is the Feiping Chang family net worth?

The estimated Feiping Chang family net worth as per our latest updates is the US $3 billion.

What is Feiping Chang wedding cost?

Fashion blogger Feiping Chang married fiancé Lincoln Li by booking lavish, million-dollar destination wedding in Capri.

Who is Feiping Chang father?

Feiping Chang father is business tycoon Roger Wang.

Where is Feiping Chang house?

Feiping Chang, a Taipei-born socialite and fashion influencer is now based in Hong Kong. Feiping Chang house address is Hong Kong.

Who is Feiping Chang?

Feiping Chang is the well-known Taiwanese-born and Hong Kong-based socialite, blogger, and fashion influencer.

How old is Feiping Chang?

Since the details regarding her birthday is not known yet, we cannot reveal her age.

How rich is Feiping Chang?

Feiping Chang is rich enough. Feiping Chang net worth is around US $5 million.

Final words

The fashion blogger and influencer is constantly making new strides in her mission to build her brand to the top-notch level. Within a few years, Feiping Chang net worth is going to attain growth as well. Stay tuned with us to get information about similar influencers.


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