Ari Fleischer Net Worth – Age, Wife, Earnings, Income

Ari Fleischer Net Worth
Ari Fleischer Net Worth

Ari Fleischer Net Worth

According to the 2024 updates, Ari Fleischer Net Worth is $12 million. Explore the most recent updates regarding Ari Fleischer earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures, career, and other details.

Ari Fleischer has been quite famous as a former Press Secretary for President George Bush. These days, Ari Fleischer has been working as a media consultant for NFL’s College Football Playoff. He has earned a reputation for himself among other gigs.

What happened as a downside of working in The White House is the renewal of a contract. The contract is associated with the phase when the president ends his term.

The White House Press Secretary serves as a very important position in the administration of the United States of America. In this regard, Ari Fleischer has served interfacing between the government and the public as the spokesperson of the President.

Full nameLawrence Ari Fleischer
Ari Fleischer Net Worth$12 million
Date of Birth/ BirthdayOctober 13th, 1960
Place of BirthPound Ridge, New York
Height5 feet 11 inches
Residence          Washington, D.C.
Political Party    Republican Party
Profession/ OccupationMedia Consultant, Political Aide, Former White House Press Secretary
Source of IncomeConsulting work, Salary as a Press Secretary, and Fox News Contributor
Ari Fleischer
Ari Fleischer

Ari Fleischer earnings, income, salary 

Ari Fleischer worked very hard as a correspondent as well as a consultant and earned his wealth. The Ari Fleischer earnings suggest that the salary of the White House Press Secretary is around $183,000 per year.

In this regard it can be stated that the Ari Fleischer monthly earnings from various sources is around $30K. The Ari Fleischer yearly earnings is around $360K.

Most of Ari’s income comes from the consulting work he does through his company Ari Fleischer Communications.

Besides that, he has earned significant money in the past by serving as press secretary for various people.
Also, he worked as a contributor for Fox News, which added to his earnings.

Establishing his own Communications company earned him a lot of reputation and a massive Ari Fleischer net worth. No credible sources indicate the real value of Ari Fleischer salary.

For starters, the revenue Ari Fleischer generates from his company, Ari Fleischer Communications, is limited to his accountants and the IRS.

Corporate and sports services fall under the revenue of Ari Fleischer that makes it harder to track earnings.

Private non-disclosure deals with Tiger Woods to strategize PGA tours make it tough to find the exact Ari Fleischer monthly earnings and Ari Fleischer yearly earnings.

As a White House press secretary and as a media consultant for the Canadian prime minister, Ari has earned a good salary. Job as a Fox News contributor has added to the finances.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The Media Consultant, Political Aide and Former White House Press Secretary owns a luxurious house in Pound Ridge, NY, USA. 

Car collection

The Media Consultant, Political Aide and Former White House Press Secretary owns expensive cars, including a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.

Ari Fleischer Wife

Ari Fleischer Wife
Ari Fleischer Wife

Ari Fleischer girlfriend updates suggest that Ari Fleischer is a married man. The Ari Fleischer wife is Rebecca Elizabeth Davis. Ari Fleischer met Rebecca Davis while he was working in the White House.

Rebecca Davis worked in the Office of Management and Budget. Fleischer and his wife, Rebecca Elizabeth Davis, recited vows at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis, 2002. The two are from two different religious backgrounds, and so they had a ceremony officiated by Rabbi Harold S., who is a Roman Catholic.

Moreover, Rev. Michael J. Kelley also represented the Catholic new family. Ari Fleischer and his wife Rebecca Elizabeth Davis have shared a lovely bond for 16 years and have two beautiful kids. Sarah Elizabeth’s daughter was born in 2004, and a son Asa is an important part of their family.

Currently, Ari is living with his family in New York.


Ari’s full name is Lawrence Ari Fleischer. From January 2001 to July 2003, the high paid media consultant served as the 23rd White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush.

When he was a press secretary, Ari was a prominent advocate for the Invasion of Iraq. After leaving the White House, the well known media consultant started working also as a commentator. In July 2017. Ari joined Fox News as a contributor.

Early life Career

Born in Pound Ridge, New York, The former White House Speaker Ari is an eminent personality. Ari was born on 13 October 1960 in New York City. Ari Fleischer father, Alan A. Fleischer, was the owner of an executive recruiting company, and Ari Fleischer mother, Martha, was a database coordinator. Moreover, Ari Fleischer also has a brother Michael, who has worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

Ari Fleischer education details highlight that Ari had attended the Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York. The first graduation of Ari Fleischer was at Fox Lane High school.

The second graduation was at Middlebury College in 1982.

Ari Fleischer also did the same for Senator Pete Domenici in 1989. Career as the communications director for Elizabeth Dole and George Bush’s Press Secretary had earned Ari Fleischer a huge reputation. He had been serving as an eminent media consultant for NFL teams and other organizations. The immense Ari Fleischer Net Worth has listed him in the category of top celebrity’s net worth.

In 2003, Ari Fleischer resigned from his job as Press Secretary because he wanted to dedicate more time to his wife. Ari Fleischer had also been a part of the CIA leak scandal in 2003.

Fleischer has served influential people, and that’s the reason he keeps the salary confidential.

Ari Fleischer resigned from the White House, and then he had to rectify the public image of some sports stars such as Mark McGwire. A career in politics is a part of CNN, and Fox News has also earned Ari Fleischer the reputation.

The Ari Fleischer controversy: CIA leak scandal in 2003

The Plame affair, aka CIA leak scandal, and Plamegate turned out to be a political scandal that revolved around journalist public identification of Valerie Plame by Robert Novak as a covert Central Intelligence Agency officer in 2003.

2002 updates suggest that Plame wrote a memo to superiors expressing hesitation in recommending her husband, former diplomat Joseph C. In this case, it happened so that Former White House press secretary, Ari Fleischer, leaked the identity of CIA operative to Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus. All of this happened through the 2003 phone call. Moreover, Pincus testified as to the first defense witness in the CIA leak trial.

Ari Fleischer Social Media Handles

The famous personality is quite active on different social media platforms. The Ari Fleischer Social Media Profiles are as follows:
Twitter: (@AriFleischer)
Facebook: Ari Fleischer
Instagram: ari.fleischer
Email ID: · ·


Who is Ari Fleischer Wife?

The Ari Fleischer wife is Rebecca Elizabeth Davis.

 Who Is Ari Fleischer?

Ari Fleischer has been quite famous as a former Press Secretary for President George Bush. These days, Ari Fleischer has been working as a media consultant for NFL’s College Football Playoff.

What is Ari Fleischer Net Worth?

Ari Fleischer Net Worth 2024 is $12 million.

Where does Ari Fleischer live?

Ari Fleischer resides in New York with their son and daughter. They have been raising their children Jewish and have been members of a synagogue in Westchester, New York. In addition to that, Fleischer’s brother, Michael, worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

Where is Ari Fleischer from?

Ari Fleischer is from New York, New York, United States.

Is Ari Fleischer married?

Rebecca Davis is the Ari Fleischer wife.

What is Ari Fleischer doing now?

Today Ari Fleischer works as a media consultant for various corporations and sports organizations and players through Ari Fleischer Communications.

What is Ari Fleischer Wife age?

Ari Fleischer Wife age is not known.

Where is Ari Fleischer home?

Ari Fleischer house address is Westchester County, NY. Agent address—c/o Author Mail, William Morrow & Company, 10 E. 53 St., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10022.

What is Ari Fleischer new book?

Why the Press Gets So Much Wrong—And Just Doesn’t Care is the new book By Ari Fleischer.

Where is Ari Fleischer now?

He joined Fox News as a contributor in July 2017. Since leaving the White House, Ari Fleischer has run a communications company that helps corporations and sports organizations with their communication and media needs.

Where does Ari Fleischer live?

Ari Fleischer lives in Washington, D.C.

Final words

Ari Fleischer, despite the scandal, has been quite famous as a former Press Secretary and an eminent media consultant. Though the Ari Fleischer Net Worth is increasing, we do not have precise information regarding the sources of income. There are reasons that he keeps it confidential to eradicate the privacy issues. Stay tuned to get updates regarding similar other government officials and have served in influential positions.



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